Welcome back Lalit, we missed you

Lalit’s return to Indian cricket will restore an effective opposition, an essential prerequisite for any functional democratic polity.

No functionary of the Board has any power to suspend a member association without an AGM. I can’t believe that RCA has been suspended.

If media news of RCA suspension is correct, then obviously Srini is still calling the shots and acting as an absolute dictator.

I was asked by Nikhil on NDTV as to what I would have done as the Board President. My reply was that I would have disallowed Lalit to attend the Board meetings until he got the order set aside, but would not have arbitrarily suspended RCA.

An observer appointed by SC had cleared Lalit Modi’s candidature, how can RCA be penalised for electing him as President.

Totally indefensible and arbitrary action of the officiating President will result in penalising players and denying funds to the association. The way IPL has been functioning for the last four years, without any effective leadership (except for Sunny’s) is a tribute to Lalit’s genius.

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