Srinivasan did not read the writing on the wall

I have been following up arguments about “conflict of interest” in the Honourable Supreme Court.

My observations are given below:

a) To the best of my recollection, permission for team bid was sought by India Cements and not by Srinivasan as treasurer;

b) Board Constitution barred any commercial dealing by Board official. Sharad Pawar had no authority to give any permission;

c) I specifically objected in Goa meeting and asked him to recuse himself. That is when they conceived of back dating the amendment;

d) Amendment was surreptitiously included in the minutes of 2008 AGM circulated in 2009. There was no specific agenda for the amendment;

e) Srini stood disqualified from the day he purchasd Chennai team. On this issue we had number of clashes in IPL meetings and consequent walkouts.

I am also listing some of the major conflicts of interest since 2008:

1) Purchase of Chennai Super Kings was the mother of all conflicts
2) In Goa meeting of 2008 I had proposed that anti-corruption should be handed over to ICC. Srini vehemently opposed because of obvious conflict of interest
3) Purchase of Flintoff by Chennai Super Kings-complete details on Lalit Modi’s blog
4) Despite clear cut decision to put all players in the pool for re-auction after three years, he had his way on retention of players
5) Sahara contract for team India was for Rs 3.3 crores/match. After Sahara’s withdrawal Srini signed a contract with Star with 30% reduction
6) He also signed a contract with Star for sponsoring CSK for Rs 10 cr/season–an obvious conflict of interest resulting in loss to the Board

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