Shashank has put out a brilliant vision statement

On 14 July I had said Shashank Manohar shoulmanohar-759d be nominated as alternate and more recently I had predicted he would be next president. I’ve been vindicated.

Shashank’s re-induction is a milestone for Indian cricket. He will inject fresh energy, bring better governance and restore BCCI’s credibility.

I am truly missing being in India to celebrate Manohar’s elevation and to mark this wonderful occasion which promises so many good things for cricket. I have full confidence he’ll seize the moment and exceed all expectations.

As I had tweeted Shashank has indeed outlined an excellent action plan to restore BCCI to its pristine glory. The plan to have zero tolerance for any form of conflict of interest in Indian Cricket will help restore the faith of millions of fans.

The plan to proactively involve external agencies to investigate alleged acts of corruption is a game changer for Indian and global cricket.

I salute Shashank’s statesmanship and vision in curtailing his own powers to avoid any potential manipulation of votes at the AGM. Bravo! His courage to independently audit annual statements of member associations or his own voters establishes best practices of governance at BCCI.

By making all major BCCI expenses, its constitution and statement of accounts open to the public, Shashank has in one stroke transformed BCCI’s image. I look forward to seeing Shashank implement his bold and visionary plan to transform the image of BCCI.

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