One man’s greed has tarnished BCCI

It is a shame that people entrusted with leadership have broken our trust and sullied image of wonderful game of cricket. Spot-fixing, betting, conflict of interest, and cover-ups, have all brought ignominy to the great game of cricket in India.


It is time for all right minded citizens, players, administrators and jurists to demand the following:

a) Srini and his hand picked facilitators must resign till the judicial process plays out
b) CSK and Rajasthan Royals must be suspended forthwith and after due process, re-auction both slots as was done in case of Deccan Chargers.
c) All corrupt officials and players have to be named and the strictest action taken forthwith

I hope somebody in the Cricket Board has the courage to stand up and suggest immediate action against Srini and his corrupt coterie. It’s a sad day that people like Jagmohan Dalmiya who have played a leading role in building this edifice, are not raising their voice.

A number of stalwarts had built this sport which became a religion to India. Its been hijacked for the personal sordid interest by one man.

Judicial process has its limitations. Ultimately the players and administrators have to rediscover the shine Indian cricket has lost. There are still many positives of cricket in India – a great love for the game, unlimited talent, passionate fan base and infrastructure.

Let’s do the right thing and clean up today’s mess. I appeal to Srini to resign and hand over the reins of cricket to better leadership. Srini had been accused of
cover-up of murky n sordid deals in his own team. There was no accusation of betting. Our stand is fully vindicated.

If President Nixon had to resign for allegations of cover-up, Srini’s continuation in the BCCI and ICC is untenable. He must quit forthwith. Those who claim Sini has been given a clean chit, are either ignorant or having some vested interest. Allegations against Srini are now fully proven

Srini has violated ICC code of ethics and conduct. The Ethics officer of ICC should forthwith debar him from holding any position in the ICC/Board. An administrator whose job is to take cognizance of infringements of law is guilty of abetment under penal code, if he looks the other way.

Srini is not only guilty of cover-up but he is also liable for abetting offences under his charge/knowledge. Thus liability same as the culprit.

At an informal dinner meeting in Chennai it was proposed last night that Manohar, Pawar and IS Bindra be suspended for tarnishing image of the Board.

Without consulting my colleagues, I can state on behalf of all three of us that we would welcome such foolhardy bravado by corrupt coterie.

I felt reassured by Jaggu’s statement that he would be guided by Mr.Jaitley’s advice on his future course of action in BCCI. Arun for obvious reasons can’t support corrupt dispensation. Jaggu has played his ace of Spades.

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