BCCI invited the mess on itself

This entire mess could have been avoided had BCCI taken action in the Chennai meeting of 2013.┬áSrinivasan and his avid supporters refused to take action against Guru and CSK, thus invited today’s order.

This process would be complete if follow-up action is initiated by BCCI on the lines indicated below:

1. Srini is obviously guilty of protecting Guru and CSK. BCCI should take immediate action against him by withdrawing his nomination to ICC;
2. BCCI should should suo moto withdraw the amendment regarding conflict of interest of 2009;
3. BCCI should suggest wholesome amendments to rules n regulations to the Justice Lodha panel;
4. NS has no moral authority to continue as head of ICC. He should step down immediately, failing which Board should take action;
5. IPL Governing Council should be reconstituted on the lines of NBA and NFL where team owners have a say in the management;
6. Anti corruption unit of BCCI should be brought under the control of an independent regulatory authority;
7. BCCI should release the names of indicted players;
8. To make IPL viable BCCI could auction two more teams and after two years have IPL with 10 teams, as originally intended.

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